SSL for PortForwarded local webserver, whose IP is Pointed by a registered domain name[HELP]


Hello there,
I have port forwarded to make my localhost (local server) publicly available. But that local server was accessible with following link
I am planing to buy a Domain name (for Eg. ‘’) which points to IP address and it is a public IP address. Now I read that SSL certificate is not given to a localhost or local server. But I will be the legit owner of that Domain and I Want to know if I can get SSL certificate for that on this scenario?


You could get a certificate for your domain that pointed to a public accessible IP address, and could pass validations (either DNS or HTTP)

However, even if you could get the certificate for your domain, you could only use instead of since the certificate is issued to the domain, not the IP address (and it would throw error if you use direct IP)

Also, please note that in order to pass HTTP-based validation, you will need to make the challenge file / web server accessible at (at least) port 80, because that’s where Let’s Encrypt would connect and check validations. If port 80 (of that public IP) is not available, please try to use DNS-based validations instead (adding TXT challenge tokens to your domain DNS).

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Thank you for reply. So where does ACME Protocal needed to run? In local host ( or that at the hosting of my domain registar?


Hi @Arun34

please read the basics:


Then select a client.

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