SSL For Multisite Installation

I need helps with SSL for Multisite. My host provide free SSL with Let’s Encryot and I just started running a multisite. My main domain of course has SSL> I am trying to install SSL for my subdomain and would love to have some instructions on how to install SSL on multisite wordpress.
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What hosting are you using? (Shared hosting?)

Are you trying to request certificate for mutlisite running on a number of subdomains?
Or the site have different domains?

If all mutlisite have the same domain, you could use a wildcard certificate. If else, you might need to specify the case…and the plugin / tool your hosting provider offers you.

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My site is hosted with and they offere free SSL Let’s Encrypt. I am running a multisite agency. I offer domain mapping if the client does not want to host with me. but when they create a site (, it has no SSL and being blocked by google. I was told Let’s Encryot offer SSL for multisite. I want all the subdomains site clients create have an SSL on it


It seems that namehero is currently using WHM / cPanel, which you might need to apply / install it manually… (Or park your clients domain to your subdomain and request that domain / certificate at autossl status) it’s all depends on the alloance your hosting provider set on your account.

Thank you

If the client sites are all LEFT of your site, then they are merely a subdomain of your “multisite” domain and you might be able to cover them ALL with a wildcard cert.

I believe he is trying to say that each user have a dedicated subdomain (of his main domain), and user would cname (point) their own domains to the subdomain assigned to that user...

Yes, if so, he could use just one wildcard cert to handle them all.

Yeah, but currently cPanel only allows one certificate for each add-on domains (and add-on domains are boundled to subdomains of the primary domain), which makes the situation worse.

(Which might force him to obtain certificate for each domain individually)

Not really. CNAME's are "redirects" only on a DNS level, not on a application/user level.


In that case, if a client would type in his browser, it would need a certificate for, NOT for

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Yes, in this case it is a whole other (much bigger) problem.

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