SSL on Multisite Domain, Subdomain and Mapped Domains

I just setup a new wordpress multisite with subdomains also domain mapping. I know Let’s Encrypt offers a way for me to SSL my main site and subdomain (wildcard) but is there a way for me to also include SSL for any mapped domains on my multisite network? I am using digital ocean hosting. Thank you.

Hi @ehong

you have to create new certificates with the -d option (if you use Certbot).

There is no automation possible : Domain -> your ip -> creating a certificate automatic.

You can create one certificate with a lot of domain names and use that. But max. 100 domain names per certificate.

You can automate issuing certificates as part of the process by which new domains are added.

Whether it’s easy to do with your current setup is another matter. There are a lot of moving parts to automated certificate management at scale.

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Thank you @JuergenAuer and @mnordhoff for the help. I am using RunCloud web server and have successfully setup LetsEncrypt for main domain and wildcard subdomain. Now just trying to figure out the part about automated SSL for mapped domains. Looking to see if SNI is a possible option.

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