Ssl for centos 6 apache 2.2.15

Dear Experts

can any one clear me that
is lets encrypt also support centos version 6 with apache 2.2.15

for ssl certificate
kindly help me out

Neeraj Sharma

Let’s Encrypt supports any OS and web server that can use PEM-encoded x.509 server certificates, which certainly includes CentOS 6. I wouldn’t recommend using the certbot client with CentOS 6, though. Instead, try one that’s simpler and has fewer dependencies, like See:

Hi @neeraj

it's not the question if Letsencrypt supports that OS.

It's the question if there is a Letsencrypt client you can use with that OS. It's always possible to write an own client. But that may not be the best option.

Start with some basics:

Then select a client.

Checking Certbot there is a CentOS 6 support. But there are a lot of other clients.

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