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I’m in need of some help / advise on a problem I’m having …
I work for a not for profit company that produces a Learning Management System (LMS) that around 170 primary schools use, and we are looking to move then all over to a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. The problem is these schools sit in a sub domain that is used across the country! So, I readily compete with others to get a certificate and as you would know there is only a limited number of certificates per domain per week. As the schools sit in a second level domain (example >, I need to know if there is a way that we can get an increase in certificates at a domain level instead of at a ACME Account ID level?
I already have an increase on one account, but each school that I install the win-acme client on, when it requests the certificate, it creates a new Account ID and of course that new account is limited.
So, is there a way to use the same Account ID for each of our schools or get an increase for the domain (example > * to overcome this problem?


The rate limit request form indicates that it may be possible to have your limit increased by domain:

You can also adjust by domain, but you may only request an adjustment for up to three domains. Subsequent requests for more per-domain adjustments are not likely to be granted. This is why we recommend adjusting by account ID - then the adjustment applies to all domains used by your account.

Sorry for the delayed reply.
New form lodge and completed, thanks very much for the support and help.

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