SSL Certificated and Google Ads

I been trying to use google ads to increase the number of visits to my website, but when I trying to connection to my website (on google ads configuration), then google send me the error “unable to connect to this site, please check the site is fully loaded and try it again.”
Someone has an idea what can I do?

Certbot version 0.31.0


Hi @JoelMendoza,

I think it will be impossible for us to guess what might be wrong (and whether it relates to your certificate somehow or not) unless you can tell us the domain name.


Well, we might be able to point to some tools that might give indications of problems with their SSL configuration.

But yes, that's a pretty generic-looking error message and it's not clear to me what exactly you're trying to do (maybe because I have an ad blocker so I don't know what "Google Ads Configuration" is?).


That sounds like a misconfiguration with Google Ads or Google AdSense. After I grab some sleep I'll check another forum where I saw this being discussed and will report back here. I don't use Google Ads and I also use an AdBlocker. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks everyone for the comments

Test site where I performed it is, when you add it to the settings, it marks the message mentioned above. Also, I try it whit another site with the same codify but with no certificate, and this one allowed me registry without any inconvenience, so, anybody knows if I have to create a special setting, also I use nginx to management my site.

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Your site is currently sending a 301 redirect to If that was the case where you tried to do the Google Ads thing, I imagine Google might not have liked that?


Sorry for the late reply. Google help is worthless. Typing in that error message returns zero results. :confused: More than half their "help" articles pertain to suspended accounts. :neutral_face:
I did some checking on and found that Google will try to validate that your site is secure, and if it can't that stops Google dead in its tracks. As @schoen pointed out, that 301 redirect to back to is probably causing Google to put the brakes on.
Are you using the Googe AdSense dashboard or a different Google Ads dashboard to set things up?
To be honest, this sounds like a bad configuration setting up Google Ads and not a LE issue. But I'll keep on searching to see if I can find something relating to your particular error message.


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