Google's warning about unsecure cert


A few days after creating a cert for my domain I received an email from Google:

Google has detected that the current SSL/TLS certificate used on does not include domain name. This means that your website is not perceived as secure by some browsers.

I created my cert using instructions from PythonAnywhere Help.

I also tested my site in many browsers - there are no warnings of any kind.

SSLLabs grade of my website: A


Without your domain name it’s tricky to be able to help fully.

Is the certificate for the domain with and without the www ? do you have a www version of your domain name ? Do you have a redirect / preference for if people use the www or not ?


@serverco The domain is I have a redirect to www version. The cert is issued for www version.

Note that Google’s email clearly mentions www version only.


The main error I can see if for people going to as that refuses connections, and doesn’t redirect.

Google only mentions www. versions, and from a quick look I didn’t see errors there.


Agreed, I will fix that. Could you point me to a solution? Should I add non-www domain to the cert?

However, the error message seems to be about something completely different. What would you advice to do next?


I’d just fix the none-www version and see if you get any further updates from google.

Also, if anyone else here can spot anything.


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