SSL Certificate Through Shopify - Need New Domain Provider?

According to the information I got this morning from Shopify as to why my SSL Certificate keeps saying SSL Pending after several days is due to my domain provider NameBright does not meet the requirements of the CAA and so since I need to move my domain name to a provider that does, I have been unable to find a list of them that will pass whatever it is you want so I can get my SSL Certificate to work. This is damaging the reputation of my store that has been online since 2003 as people are receiving a message that my site may be trying to steal passwords or credit card numbers.

Thank you for any help.

A community member (Thanks, @sahsanu!) wrote a detailed guide describing how to move to Cloudflare:

It's worth noting that no CA is currently allowed to issue certificates for any NameBright domain because of a misconfiguration on their end.

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