A request for help: Detailed instructions on moving authoritative NS off of Namebright

As previously noted, a large number (25%) of CAA error domains have ns[12].namebrightdns.com as their authoritative name servers, and those servers incorrectly implement DNS. Starting September 8, there will be a few thousand domains that can’t issue Let’s Encrypt certificates. So far I haven’t had much luck contacting Namebright directly.

It would be great if someone in this community is interested in creating a guide describing step-by-step how to migrate from Namebright to a free DNS host (e.g. Cloudflare). Note that Namebright acts as both a registrar and as a DNS host, and many people are probably using the DNS hosting by default. The ideal guide would describe keeping Namebright as a registrar, but changing the authoritative NS records at Namebright to point to another server. That’s better than switching registrars because it’s fewer steps, doesn’t run into problems with locked domains, doesn’t require new payment, etc.

If you think you have time for this task in the next few days, please post here to let people know you’re working on it. Once your guide is done, post it here in the forum. Thanks!

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I’ll do it, give me a couple of days.

Edit: The guide is here Guide to change DNS servers from NameBright to CloudFlare


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