Let's Encrypt Wildcard Certificate Change DNS Encounters Error

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My domain is:heilongbo.com

I ran this command:Change the domain name DNS server to clark.ns.cloudflare.com

It produced this output:You currently are not using our default nameservers for this domain. Therefore, any DNS changes you make will not have an impact. In order to manage your DNS with us, you need to change your nameservers to:
You can click here to update your domain to use our default name servers.

My hosting provider, if applicable, is:namesilo

Just posted on your old post.

I’ve no clue why you want to open another one…

Sorry, the previous post didn’t describe it carefully, so recreate it to illustrate!


This is definitely off-topic.

You’ll need to change the Domain’s NS server to Cloudflare.

Follow this guide:

Thank you

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