SSL certificate issued but not working


I got the message that the certificate was activated for all versions (with and without www.) but now it says site is not secure when I open it on a browser. The site is
If it takes time for the certificate to fully activate how long would it be? Please help.


Hi @anticleon,

The certificate is working just fine on However, (note http:// rather than https://) still works and does not redirect to the HTTPS version. Therefore, only people who specifically visit the HTTPS version of the site will have a secure connection.

This is not a problem with the certificate or its installation at all. Instead, you need to create a redirection so that the HTTP version of the site automatically redirects visitors to the HTTPS version. The best way to do this depends on your server software and hosting environment.


Please show the exact URL that says is not secure.
(or a screenshot that contains the error and the URL)

And to add to what @schoen noted.
There is a permanent redirection to the www:
and from

But no redirection from http to https.


schoen and rg305
Thanks for your replies. I can’t find the htaccess file in the cpanel. I cheked show hidden files and selected the root for option. but that file is missing. i know this could be a dumb question but what could be the reason please? I am new to this whole thing :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot guys. Looks like it was my cache that was showing me the same thing when I was refreshing. Opened a new tab and it was there. All done. Thanks a lot. You saved my day.


I’m still not sure what the exact problem is.
Redirection would only force everyone to the secure site.
If you manually type in the secure URL and it is giving you a “not secure” message, we need to see it.


It was alright when I typed the https version. only the other versions were not secure.
Now it’s all ok. I added a redirect in the .htaccess and now it works fine. Thank you for helping.


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