Installed SSL certificate, works for 3 seconds and then goes back to 'Not Secure'

I recently made a site that shows the worldwide travel restrictions due to the COVID situation ( Today I installed a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on the website, what went pretty well. However it’s not working like it should. When I go to the website, it shows the site is secure for about 3 seconds, then when the site is fully loaded it suddenly goes back to ‘Not Secure’.

When I ran my site through the SSL checker ( everything came back green. I also have an SSL that makes all requests redirect to secure HTTPS access.

I am using a Ubuntu 18.04 server, which I run through an AWS EC2 instance.

I read a bunch of other posts about people who have similar problems, but this one seems different, at it does show secure before the site/interactive travel map is fully loaded.

tl;dr: When the SSL works for 3 seconds, but when the site is fully loaded, it shows ‘Not Secure’, what could this indicate.

My domain is:

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version):
Ubuntu 18.04

My hosting provider, if applicable, is:

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know):

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I’m on my mobile phone now, so can’t check 100 %, but I think your OpenStreetMap is causing mixed content troubles. Is it loaded through HTTP in stead of HTTPS?

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Hi @ajaxwammes

there are two different problems:

That doesn't work because your http doesn't work -

http -> Timeouts, so the redirect isn't visible.

The status isn't "not secure", it's simple mixed content.

is http.

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Juergen shared with me the OpenStreetMap is actually loaded through http. Although it should be possible to load the OpenStreetMap through https, right?

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I see. I never knew the HTTP is not working. To solve this, should I take a look into my Domain Name System service (AWS Route53)? Or somewhere else?

And in case I can get HTTP to work, will it change anything? As you mentioned that the openstreetmap is in HTTP?


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That has nothing to do with DNS, but with access to port 80 (possibly firewall blocking that) and your webserver which should be listening on port 80.

Yes, I'm 99.99999999 % sure that's possible.

It would change the lack of redirect problem, but not your disappearance of the lock icon: that's due to OpenstreetMaps being loaded through HTTP

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Makes sense! Thanks for clarifying this, it all got a lot clearer. I am going to see if I can sort this out, thanks!


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