SSH Connections doesnt work any more

Hey i just installed your ssl cert and IT work perfectly with my website BUT for some reassons it blocks my SSH Connection any ideas how to fix it ?

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I have seen one person with a similar issue before -

In that case I think it was due to the location where they had installed certbot.

What error / message do you get when trying to connect via SSH. and what is your system /setup ?

Thank you for the quik reply I have debian 8 and Apache 2 the error Is :

Network error: Software caused connection abort

If you run “ssh -vvv” does it provide any additional info ?

Also, do you have access to your server in any other way to get to the server logs ?

Yes I have Access to the Server over Remote Desktop

Sorry im mit the best in this area where should i execut the ssh - vvv command ?

Based on the first and last post, I’d say there’s a chance that it was supposed to be SSL there rather than SSH. If you provide a bit more details regarding configuration of your web server and maybe try running against your domain, it would probably become a bit more clear what’s wrong.

No the SSL (https) Connection Works the Problem Is with SSH

Well, having installed SSL certificate for the web server is very unlikely to affect SSH connections. Also could you elaborate on how did you make sure that SSH is not working? You said initially that it is indeed not working, but then you have asked where to run ssh, which adds to confusion a little :slight_smile:

When i Use the link from you IT says :
Overall Rating: A

I tried to connect on Server via ssh (putty Client) and then the error apears

How do you normally connect via SSH ? using putty ? or some other SSH client? Can you provide your domain name ( so I can try and connect with SSH and see what error messages I get )

I Installed your certificate over ssh and closed the Session and now when i Trie to connect it doesnt works

how did you connect via SsH though ? what SSH client did you use ? and can you turn debug on for that client ?

I connect over Putty with the Domain

BUT normally i connect over localnetwork

OK, can you check ( over the remote desktop ) if ssh is running on your server, and if there is anything in the main log related to SSH

Some links that might be useful in relation to the error message you have quoted:

Yes the ssh server Is runming

Can you see your attempted connection in /var/log/auth.log ?

are there any ssh related errors in /var/log/syslog or /var/log/auth.log?

i get the error in /var/log/auth.log

permissions 777 are to open for /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key
this private key file will be igrnored
key_load_private: bad permissions
could not load host key