[solved] Some certs are valid other aint verficated - grey padlock with red mark

Been using LetsEncrypt for some time now - kudos for you guys !

For some time now I noticed that Firefox (current is 57.0.4) is saying that my site is not providing information about certificate - at first I was thinking that I have mixed content and try to go thru all css/js files that are used to check if those dont include any non https connection. After few days of checking and tweaking I found out about going onto ACMEv2. I checked my certbot and it was 0.10.x so I used the certbot-auto as page suggested. I renew cert once or two but nothing changed.

I tested page with those ssl-check-pages and its all fine. I would thing that this is Firefox problem but I have also one other page that is valid same server, so I dont think its ff problem.

Im using apache

Do you mean the following message:

This website does not supply ownership information.


yeah, sorry because it was hard to grasp what was the error because im not using ‘eng’ version

That message basically relates to the fact that the certificate is not an OV/EV certificate. Nothing to worry about.

However, the red mark on the grey padlock could be a problem. Can you link to a page that has this issue?

site_address but fun part is that some of them dont have the issue some of them have… neko. is one of those with issue, but I see that those without issue also have “This website does not supply ownership information.” so that is not the problem here. Its more about “Verificated by: Unknown” or something like that just under the “This website does not supply ownership information.”

This would indicate that you're not seeing the Let's Encrypt certificate.

It seems fine from here, though.

Can you take a screenshot of the certificate info? By clicking "More Information" (underneath "Verified by: Unknown") and then "View Certificate" button ?

Here you go - I join those because of 1 image rule.

Looks the same as for me, except not English. You should not be seeing “Verified by: Unknown” for that.

Are you physically located in Europe? I wonder if this is due to OCSP issues currently happening in Europe for visitors to Let’s Encrypt sites (and this server has OCSP stapling disabled) :confused: .

I’m out of ideas, sorry.

and yes, im physically located in europe. No its probably not because I just renew one of working certs to check if this is the issue and its fine you can check it on: site_address all fine there.
So its something other than that.

Ok, I may found the problem.
It looks like there is something embeded in js/css or somewhere maybe multi include which for some reason make firefox throw error like this. When I type some static txt/md/html file the domain raports valid ssl cert. looks like there need to be dont some extra work on theme or firefox to fix this.

Solution: It looks like Firefox for unknown reason for me loaded fonts from all pinned/opened tabs that I had. By using Console CTRL+ SHEFT + K there were many insecure loads of fonts that were used on those tabs/pins. After closing all those tabs and checking once again on fresh tab I have green lock. Strange that some page didn’t had this issue. I dunno if its big Firefox problem or something along my ff-profile.

In the end nothing was broken, and its was error on MY END.

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