[Solved] Certbot/snap on Raspberry PI B (armv6)


I used to successfully manage my certs with certbot-auto on Debian 10 on a Raspbery Pi B (armv6).

Since a few weeks, certbot-auto is not working anymore and I need to install certbot via snap.

This works fine on standard X86_64 Debian, but snap core is not available for armv6 and thus, I'm unable to generate and renew my certificates.

How can I do to make certbot work again (upgrade to a later hardware is not an option :wink: ) ? Compile from source, use docker ?

Thanks for your help,



Hi @Fred9176

may be Certbot is the wrong option with a too old system.

Check other clients.

acme.sh shouldn't need too much.

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Thank you very much.

Acme.sh works fine and is really easy to use :slight_smile:


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