Certbot Upgrade for acme_v2 on Debian 8

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Ok I know this is an old version but i need to keep it going for a while. I have a debian 8 with ispconfig installed which uses certbot version 0.10.2. I can’t run any updates as it’s too old and I can see in the letsencrypt folders it only shows acme_v1. Is there anyway I can get this to use acme_v2 so I can keep this in service for a while longer.

Been searching the web but not found any help so far.


You cannot. 0.10 is way too ancient.

The official advice for Debian 8 is to use certbot-auto: https://certbot.eff.org/lets-encrypt/debianjessie-other

It’s a drop-in replacement for Certbot from apt, it will keep working with your existing configuration and certificates.

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Regarding ISPConfig, recalling from the last time I looked into this, it will use whatever copy of Certbot it can find: https://git.ispconfig.org/ispconfig/ispconfig3/blob/master/server/lib/classes/letsencrypt.inc.php#L75-84

Meaning, if you remove the ancient versions of certbot/letsencrypt and only have certbot-auto available, it should automatically use certbot-auto.

It also appears to be capable of using acme.sh, which also supports ACME v2.

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Thanks this has been really helpful

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