CERTBOT and ACMEV2 upgrade


here I received an email regarding my free certificate let’s encrypt 3 months. informing me that ACMEV1 will no longer be usable from June 1, we must switch to ACMEV2

only here it is not me who to install this server, I have solid computer bases but I do not know this system at all apart from stupidly renewing my certificate for the moment that is all.

CertbotACMEClient / 0.9.3 (Debian GNU / Linux 8 (jessie)) Authenticator / webroot Installer / None
Hostname (s): “mail.TOTO.com”, “smtp.TOT.com”, “webmail.TOTO.com

do you have a procedure to follow?

Thank you very much

Hi @glariture

I don’t know the client you use.

Check, if there is a config file with acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org. Or a log with that address.

Then check the documentation of that tool how to update to acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org.

Or check, if there is a newer version required.

So I have to type this command on my linux command line if I understand correctly?

Please start with some basics:

Then check your client documentation.

Or switch to another client.

To upgrade Certbot on Debian Jessie, you can follow the installation instructions to remove the apt package and switch to certbot-auto:

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