Site secure - not secure

My domain is:

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: JustHost

When I go to my website it says my site is not fully secure. When I log into the admin area is says it is secure. What am I doing wrong?

It will only let me add 1 screenshot for help sorry


Hi @fmwebs

there are some errors ( ):

Your standard urls:

Domainname Http-Status redirect Sec. G 301 0.260 D 200 0.507 H 301 1.510 F 200 1.557 I

http + www isn’t redirected to https, so that version isn’t secure. https + non-www is redirected to http + www, that’s bad - never redirect https to http.

And you have some content errors. Sample:

And a lot of scripts (check the complete list), which are http links (not https). So your site doesn’t work as expected. And the browser shows warnings.

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thank you for your help. I found a WordPress plugin that fixed everything. you guys are great! keep up the great work and Let’s Encrypt the world!


you still have some serios issues.
look at the report from @JuergenAuer and make sure to fix the issues.

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Ah, thanks - there is a new check of your domain, perhaps @Nexo1960 has checked your domain.

The http script links are fixed, that’s good.

One script is missing, that’s the last Grade I:

	Not Found
	missing file

Result should be a H, the http + www version doesn’t redirect to https. So if a user selects that version, the user isn’t secure.

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Are you using WordPress?

No, I don’t use Wordpress (20 characters :wink: )

Yes I am using wordpress

Download the plugin “Really simple ssl” and activate it. Then at the top is will ask to start it and that is it. The plugin has a yellow lock as icon.

I did , but the padlock appears then "not secure " appears a few minutes later, this only started after importing a demo for a theme

Just checking the basics…Did you change the URL to https:// in the WordPress settings?

I assumed it did that automatically since that’s how it appears in the url bar, but let me try editing that

It is indeed https:// , is the problem the theme demo?

try changing themes and see if it corrects itself

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