Site says that certificate is expired when it's not (unsecure website error)



My hosting company ( had some down time today. I don’t know if it was some hacker attack, but all my sites including their own was down for several hours. When it came back up, all my sites were functioning nomally except one. When trying to access it, the web browser warns me that the site is not secure and that it was not possible to identify the certificate. I could continue to the site but the green lock icon in the adress field was gone and now it’s a red cross saying that the site is insecure.

It also says that my let’s encrypt certificate expired in august, but that’s not true. I checked it in Cpanel and it was renewed in August and expires in December. So somehow, it seems that the downtime of the hosting company screwed something up. Any ideas how to fix this? I already tried to reinstall the certificate and also to issue a new one, but it didn’t help.



Hi @rbamm,

Your certificate has been renewed today:

CRT ID     CERT TYPE   DOMAIN (CN)  VALID FROM             VALID TO               EXPIRES IN  SANs
891449750  Final cert      2018-Oct-25 19:23 UTC  2019-Jan-23 19:23 UTC  89 days

Maybe you only need to restart/reload your webserver to apply your renewed cert.



As I already wrote, I renewed the certificate myself today, but it didn’t help. So it’s not gonna do any good just to renew it… What do you mean by that? Restart/reload webserver? How am I supposed to do that?


Hi @rbamm,

I don’t use CPanel but it should be good to know how did you renew your certificate, if you did it manually using a web service, a command line tool, a Cpanel’s plugin like autossl…

When you renew a certificate, the services using it should be restarted/reloaded so they can load the new certificate, if you are using a plugin in CPanel I suppose it should perform the restart automatically but if it didn’t, maybe you have some option into your panel to restart/reload your nginx web server.

If that doesn’t work maybe you should talk to your hosting support so they can take a look to your cpanel conf.

Good luck,


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