Why my site is not working normal, it is not getting loaded

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My domain is:writersparadise.org

Hi @abhishekrj94,

You have one certificate from Let’s Encrypt but it expired at the end of April:


Your hosting provider is no longer using that certificate for your site, but if it still did, you would see a different certificate error in the browser about an expired certificate.

The certificate needs to be renewed and the new certificate needs to be configured for use in the web server.

It looks like the hosting provider shut down the https site…
The site is accessible via http, but https shows:

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How to bring back site at its normal working ??
Please suggest me the procedure.

PS- i want to use my site without any certificate as of now

In order to help with this, we need to know how the certificate was obtained and installed, and what kinds of hosting environment you’re using.

Using the site means without SSL, and that already works--go to http://writersparadise.org/ to see.

If you are sure you no longer use certificates, you can set up link jumps:

Jump https://writersparadise.org to http://writersparadise.org

There will be no problem of certificate error and expiration.

How to set specific settings depends on what kind of Web services you use.

The certificate is still validated by the browser if the browser first connects to the HTTPS site, even if the site returns a redirection. So, the browser will still display an error in this case if it can't validate the certificate.

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