Signup email not received

I have just joined this forum.
As part of the join up process an email verification is required.
i tried using my AOL email account and nothing arrived.
Pleased to say that using my own domain with a Let's Encrypt certificate email arrived safely. Any thoughts ?



Hi Gilon,
Welcome to the community. :smiley:

Have you checked your spam folder for your AOL account? It's also quite possible that AOL aggressively rejected the email as spam and dumped it/refused to deliver it.

One suggestion is to send an email from your account to your AOL account but use the exact same subject line as you received in LE in the successful delivery to An aggressive spam filter may have "decided" a watched word caused it to be marked as spam.

See if you receive that and please let us know either way. Thanks.

(Glad you had another address to use successfully. :wink: )


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