Shell access (confusingly) referred from⟨OS⟩-⟨HTTPD⟩

Can anybody fix the documentation provided at
Dammit, the thing assumed under ...which is hosted on a server which you can access is correctly named “shell access”. It is not extremely uncommon to access a server via text console—like Ī̲ am doing now—or X Window (incl. remote X session). Other solutions exist as well, such as KVM over {USB|IP}, despite evident security shortcomings.
As for SSH, technically Ī̲ can provide (and really provided) SSH entry without actual UNIX shell. SSH is a specific mode of transportation (like “on wheelchair” as contrasted to “on foot” or “on wings”). Shell access is a capability (like entering a restricted room).

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The current instructions have worked for the vast majority of users. Those users familiar with the differences between SHELL/etc and SSH may find issue with nuances and terminology, but should easily be able to adapt remote to local instructions. Most users are running Certbot remotely, and focusing on "ssh" is preferable to specifying terminal/shell access - as they might use telnet or other insecure means.

IMHO, an edit like you suggest has the capability to cause harm and confusion to a greater number of users, while the benefits would be limited and address an very small number of users.


What do you mean this isn't an actual Cable Modem?
There are plenty of daily terms accepted all around us that have been used more and more loosely over the years, to the point that they don't technically make any sense anymore to those that know the truth.
But if we're to write things as they should be there would be plenty of very confused people in the world.


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