Setup on AWS ec2 with load balancer


I am working on a saas application having following setups

1 ec2 instance to run angular app
1 ec2 instance to run rest api built with golang
1 ec2 instance for database - mongodb
loadbalancer to direct the api hits to api server and web hits to app server

I have gone through the docs and commands are running properly for lets encrypt but I am not sure how should I proceed with my setup, do I need to add a new instance for lets encrypt ?

Seeking for guidelines !


Where are you terminating the TLS connections?

If you terminate at the loadbalancer (assuming Elastic LoadBalancer - ELB), then you may want to use the AWS Certificate Manager for ease of use. Granted this would not use a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

If you’re terminating TLS at the EC2 instances, you can use certbot to configure Apache/Nginx/Haproxy/etc.


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