Which keys to use in Load balancer, when server handling multiple domains?

Hi guys,

I have we have our applications configured as below

I have created LetsEncrypt certificate for each domain/subdomain in each server and configured it.
The problem is we AWS Load balancer accepts only one SSL certificate. So how to configure Letsencrypt for this kind of configuration ?

You’ll need a single cert with all the (sub)domains instead.
Having one server redirect/proxy /.well-known/acme-challenge/ to the other may make completing the http-01 challenge easier if you’re using that one.

So we don’t need to create certs for each domain in each server right ?

No, you can have up to 100 names in a cert, then copy that to as many servers as you need.

If I’m not wrong, create one cert for all domains and have to put it in Load balancer. right ?

If that’s the case, don’t I need to configure in each Nginx Server blocks like mentioned here ?

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