AWS: Multiple servers with same domain under Load balancer

Hi Great community,
I had installed Letsencrypt in dev, test environments. It is working great since everything is running in a single instance. But yesterday, when we had to do for production, we faced a problem with Letsencrypt, since we have AWS Elastic Load balancer. We’re running 2 EC2 instances of our server which is behind the Load balancer.

The problem is when we’re doing ACME Authentication challenge-response, the resource generated on one server is not available on another server(or instance), so it’s failing. How can we mitigate this ?

How to generate Certificates for AWS Elastic load balancer. How to keep it in sync ?

Have a look at the letsencrypt-aws client . It uses Route53 to solve dns-01 challenges and automatically deploys certificates to ELB.

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