Setup a multidomain certificate with plesk for 350 sites

One of my domains is:, it is running on my own server, up to date php8
Iam using Plesk as control pannel.
I have rootacces with FTP
And i work with winscp

I try to look for answers on my questions but I reed here or there some items.
But where I can find the details at one page.
Because I do not see how the steps what I need to make from scrats till the automaticly renew option after 90 days, and I do not know mutch about SSL here are my questions:

1- Certbot and what is it and do i need it to instal, but where i can find it???
The version of my client is (e.g. output of certbot --version or certbot-auto --version if you're using Certbot):?????

2- how to setup the certificate for multi-domain. (my problem i have roughly 350 domains.)
I work with Pleks and yes I see i can make with Lets Encypt the free SSL but I do not reach the 100 domains still it is not working.

3- Where can I find here a sollution who explain it to setup a certificate voor multi-domains and or explain me from A till Z what I need to do to get this running for all of the 350 domainnames.

4- how and what i need to write in the DNS sections of the domains

I hope and count on your help you guys.

Thanks anyway for reading my questions

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