Installing certificates for Plesk alias domains


I have a multisite WordPress setup where each site has its own domain using WPMU DEV’s Domain Mapping plugin. The main site in the network ( is setup in Plesk (12.5) as a full website. Each of the sub-sites (,,, etc) are setup as aliases.

I have installed the Let’s Encrypt extension and can create a certificate for, however this doesn’t support alias domains. I have also tried Certbot but I think Plesk is causing issues as it complains about vhosts when trying to install the certificates.

Have I missed something or is my setup not currently supported?

Please let me know if you need any additional information. I’d appreciate any advice.

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Does anyone have any suggestions? Even an alternative way of doing this would be great.

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looks like the plugin doesn’t support SAN certificates

you can use openssl to create your CSR and then import the cert in to plesk


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