ServiceUnavailable errors

Today we’re having some troubles renewing our certs, and getting ServiceUnavailable errors.

The problem was first logged around 8 A.M. this morning, and I still got the same error when retrying at 13:39 GMT +2.

+Response from server: 
+ Code: ServiceUnavailable 
+ Content: <HTML><HEAD> <TITLE>Service Unavailable</TITLE> </HEAD><BODY> <H1>Service Unavailable - Zero size object</H1> The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.<P> Reference&#32;&#35;15&#46;1cda1002&#46;1536838593&#46;c25e129 </BODY></HTML>
---> System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable

Are you having problems?

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Same problem here… switzerland

@hognevevle Can you please provide more context? What ACME client are you using? What are the domain names you are attempting to renew a certificate for? Do you have more log context than the small snippet shared? When was the last time you saw this error? Do you know what endpoint the request that produced the logged response was sent to?

@hlich - Similar questions for you.

I suspect you may have been encountering degraded service as a result of a small outage we remediated and are now monitoring:

If my time zone math is correct this instance of the error (at 11:39 UTC) would have been before we resolved the degraded service at ~12:53 UTC.

@tdelmas Thanks - copy paste error. Updated the URL to the correct one:

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Thanks for the feedback. My latest retry around 16:30 PM yesterday was successful, so most likely the issue you referenced was the reason.

I did check the status page before I posted here, but at the time I could see no issues listed.

Anyway, everything seems to be working normally now. I’ll come back with the details you requested if the problem returns.


Yup! We hadn't identified and posted the issue to the status page yet. Thanks for opening a forum thread, that was the right decision :+1:

Great! Thanks for reporting back.


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