Server down and certificate almost out of date

Hello everybody,

My home server is out of order since few weeks, due to system disk error. It will take me still a bit time to restart it. Previously Let'sEncrypt was working fine. However my certificates will expire on 02 Dec 2022 ! I've no solution to restart my server in this time frame.
Is there anybody who can renew my certificates for me ?

My domain names are

I switch on Debian Bulleyes with docker and swag. I faced difficulties with, and restart several times.

Many thanks

No, that's not possible. Would be strange if someone without access to the server could renew a certificate. I'd loooooove to somehow """renew""" the certificate for!

Also, I don't really see the point of renewing now: your server is down anyway. Once your server is up, you can renew the then possibly expired certificates just fine. Renewing it earlier wouldn't help you getting your server up and running, right?

The only issue is, is that if you somehow have trouble renewing the expired certificate(s), the downtime will be longer. Renewing earlier could perhaps lead to less down time, depending if you're getting trouble renewing. But it would probably also be a hassle to somehow manually get a certificate on a different host and manually migrating it to your then hopefully fixed server.


Many Thanks Osiris
I will follow your recommendation and renew it when my server is up.


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