Separated Certs Issue for same Domain (Different Sub Domains)


Hi all,

I have 3 domains whitelisted:

And I requested a cert for “” and “”; Then I request a new cert for “” separately. And my /etc/letsencrypt/renewal


After I setup the cert for “”, the “HTTPS” icon in Chrome doesn’t become GREEN. It says “Server’s certificate does not match the URL”. share the same IP with Is this an issue?

Does anyone know more information about this case. Thanks.


What’s your website’s URL? I would like to check it ssllabs to check if there is any chain issue.


No, I’m doing exactly the same setup with my website, no problem. (note: I used the same cert for the three domains))


Do you provide the right certificates for each host? Did you accidentally override a global setting instead of a vhost’s setting?


Sorry guys. It turns out that I have missed this line in my Nginx config file for this subdomain:

listen 443 ssl;

Everything works fine after adding it. Sorry for this :slight_smile: