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I'm running certbot on a server (RHEL 8) behind a company proxy. It works well if I set the proxy via environment variable (export https_proxy=...). After I set https_proxy, the auto-renewal worked for quite a while.

However, during the last maintenance window, probably some RHEL update was installed, or whatever it was, but https_proxy wasn't set anymore. I didn't notice, and some certs expired. I need a more permanent way to set the proxy. I know how to do it when it's triggered by a cron job, but since I installed the certbot as a snap, I don't have a clue anymore what exactly triggers the certbot or where to set the proxy. Please advice.


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Since it is a systemd unit, something like this might work:

$ cat /etc/systemd/system/snap.certbot.renew.service.d/override.conf

(can also create the file by using systemctl edit snap.certbot.renew.service and pasting the two lines in).


Also don't forget to systemctl daemon-reload afterwards for it to take effect!

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