Making certbot use an HTTP proxy?

I've successfully set up a server to use Let's Encrypt, employing DNS records via Cloudflare. Publishing DNS entries on Cloudflare entails running HTTPS requests to an API at Cloudflare.

My initial enrollment worked, because I set up HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY in the environment of my shell. But when I then subsequently try forcing a renewal, it fails, because of HTTPS connectivity issues.

What's the cleanest way to make certbot use a proxy for outgoing HTTP requests? I could write a script which exports the HTTP(S)_PROXY variables and then do the renewal. But I'm thinking there might be a cleaner way, perhaps using some config parameter in Certbot?

Troels Arvin


I don't think there are any undocumented certbot settings for that. Here are two threads with comments by a certbot dev for different options to set the variable. I thought the systemd method was clever although is only works with scheduled tasks.


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