Route53 plugin missing after certbot upgrade


Not sure if i’m posting in the right category…

Whenever certbot is run it checks if it’s latest and upgrades itself if it’s not. I use the route53 dns plugin and it works great. However whenever certbot upgrades itself I have to also manually go in and reinstall the plugin. Not sure what i’m doing wrong or if this is expected. If it is then i can add a step to test for it and install it with my wrapper. But if it’s just a misconfiguration on my part then i’d like to know what i need to do fix it.



I believe the flag you’re looking for is --no-self-upgrade to prevent it from doing this.


I would say this is expected behavior, although we realize that it’s inconvenient for people right now. I believe the only official way to get persistently-installed Certbot DNS plugins is to use an OS-packaged version that includes them (which is not available for every OS distribution).


thanks. I’ll use this for now!


the option jared.m suggested works fine for me. Any ideas when persistent plugins or maybe auto updating plugins (to match certbot version) will be included? Just wondering if it worth adding in the check. Thanks.


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