Dns-dnsmadeeasy plugin isn't working


I’m using certbot-auto from the git repo, I just cloned it today, and I receive the following error:

certbot: error: unrecognized arguments: --dns-dnsmadeeasy-credentials /etc/ssl/.secrets/dnsapi.ini

./certbot-auto certonly --config-dir /etc/ssl/letsencrypt --dns-dnsmadeeasy --dns-dnsmadeeasy-credentials /etc/ssl/.secrets/dnsapi.ini -d *.example.com -d example.com

I followed the instructions in the plugin’s documentation, what’s missing?


Cloning the git repo isn’t useful. The certbot-auto doesn’t use all the other files, including the DNS plugins. Downloading just the certbot-auto script would have been enough.
certbot-auto generates a virtual environment and install the required software in that virtual environment with pip. Without the DNS plugins. Officially, the plugins are only installed with distribution packages (if available) or with the Docker image.

See for more information: https://certbot.eff.org/docs/using.html#dns-plugins


Hi @simbalion,

Just to add one more thing to @Osiris comment, you can install the plugin manually (but it is not the recommended way):

/opt/eff.org/certbot/venv/bin/pip install certbot-dns-dnsmadeeasy

But keep in mind that when certbot-auto is upgraded, you will lose the plugin and you should install it again.

To check the list of plugins available for certbot-auto use this command:

certbot-auto plugins



Great tip @sahsanu!

To keep certbot-auto from upgrading, you can use the --no-self-upgrade flag.

@sahsanu Any idea why @lestaff doesn’t include the DNS plugins in certbot-auto if it is that easy to install?

By the way, I still think @simbalion is perhaps better off using the official packages from his distribution, if possible.


I’ve no idea, I hope some day the dns plugins will be included in the default install but I don’t know the reason to not doing it right now. Waiting till a package is available for your distribution could take… months… years… till the end of the world… :smiley:


Dependency hell. Installing all of the DNS plugins would add like 50 or 100 MB of stuff.

I think there might also be issues with specific plugins and dependencies that are only required on certain Python versions and so forth.


Yeah, there’s a soccer ball github issue: https://github.com/certbot/certbot/issues/4767

Not so easy to solve so it seems unfortunately.


The dnsmadeeasy plugin doesn’t seem to be available for ubuntu?


I’m using the no-upgrade option for now, I’m wondering if I can force an upgrade using a script that updates certbot and also installs the newest version of the dns plugin? Then I could do that monthly.

I should point out it’s ubuntu 14.04.


…but that may not be that far away…
In the meantime…


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