Renewing Certificates on all devices - how to handle

I am successfully getting and renewing a wildcard certificate for my domain. That is great and works well, my challenge is applying this to the various other devices.

Let’s encrypt requires frequent renewals and this means I have to go around every box on a regular basis uploading new certificates just to keep from getting bad HTTPS. The difficult thing is it seems that every box has a different way of loading and configuring the certificates in order to work. Quite frankly the industry is letting you down a bit here.

Does anyone know of a way to manage this consistently on all boxes? It would be good if something could be done that makes this possible. I have tried creating my own CA with a good long lasting certificate, however even here I struggle as I cannot get the client to recognise the certificates and I would have to add the CA to every client! Any suggestions gratefully received.

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That totally depends on what kind of “boxes” you need to deploy your certificate.

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Hi @tre4b! @Osiris is right. Can you give the forum a better understanding on the various devices you need to deploy certificates to? There are lots of experts here, all willing to help. And your solution may require more than one solution to satisfy your requirements. (depending on the different flavors of devices in your stack)
Automation is the only way to go. But more Information is required to move forward.

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