Update wildcard certs on multiple server

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I have created a wildcard certificate using the LetsEncrypt . Now I am using the same wildcard cert with different subdomain in other server, so in case of the renewal how to renew the certificates if we used the same wildcard certificates on multiple servers??

For example
I have generated cert for .mytest.com
server a: servera.mytest.com
server b: serverb.mytest.com

So now I have to renew the cert, how can I automate the update of cert on every server ??



Assuming you are using certbot you could create your own post-deployment hook script to sftp the certificate to your other server(s) when it's renewed on the primary server. You can also use other standard file copy/sync tools like rsync.


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One of two ways:

  1. Have each server get it's own cert.
  2. Have one system manage the entire cert process.
    And then distribute it securely.

thank you :slight_smile: @rg305

For the point 1> Have each server get its own cert
In this case how to use wildcard certs ??

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Each server can perform it's own certificate renewal using Certbot or whatever acme client you are using. It doesn't matter that it's certificates with the same wildcard, as long as you don't exceed the Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt

Assuming you are using automated DNS validation for your challenges it will be fine.


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