Wildcard on multiple server

Hi everyone.

I have a server managed with Plesk where I use Let’s Encrypt for certificate management.
I tried to read in the forum but I still have some doubts.
I show them below.

Case 1) I generate a Wildcard certificate for the .example.com domains on my Plesk server using Let’s Encrypt.
I can share my Wildcard certificate with other servers by copying the public and private keys.
What happens when I renew my certificate on my Plesk server?
Is it necessary to renew the private key on all shared servers?

Case 2) In case I have to import a wildcard certificate on my server, do I just need to know Private Key (* .key), Certificate (* .crt) and CA Certificate (* -ca.crt)?
Do the renewals of the certificate renew themselves?

I have this big little question.

thanks a lot

  1. if you use default option, yes, you will need to update your cert and private key.
    2… if you provide same csr to client each renew, you will able to reuse private key (but still need to deploy cert itset) but you need to check your client allows that option, or it’s able to renew automatically.
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Thanks for your feedback.
If the renewal is automatic after 30 days how do I provide the certificate and key to the other servers?
What happens if I renew on my server and I don’t update certificates and / or keys on the other servers?

client connect to other servers will see certificate expired error.

Thanks again. Is there no way to synchronize them?
How then do those wildcard certificates that sell the different suppliers work?

they just email you the cert.
maybe you can you some kind rsync script to sync certificate folder daily?

Thanks @orangepizza, by generating a wildcard with Let’s Encrypt how I share and sync it with with one or other servers?

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