Renewall let'sencrypt with certbot


Hi guys,

I’ve got an issue to renew my certificat with certbot for this domain :

I already did the certbot certonly command with a succes.

But when I check my domain with an SSL checker it appear that my cert is expired…

I try to make a certbot certonly again and for certbot the certificat is valid an expire in 3 month…

Any help ?


When using the certonly mode of operation, it doesn’t reload or restart your webserver automatically. You can do that yourself or add a --renew-hook with the required reload command (between “”) behind it when renewing.


Hey guys I thought I post a reply here but seems no !!
So, just a reboot of the server and the cert is OK, thanks for your help :wink:




Next time I’d suggest just reloading the webserver software (i.e., Apache or nginx or whatever you use) :wink: That should be enough.


Ok thanks for specify !!! I will !




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