Renewal of SSL on GoDaddy

I have an expired SSL certificate on Godaddy shared hosting, for a nonprofit wordpress site. The certificate was issued by Letsencrypt, but I have found no link to where I did that, nor where to start it again. … so I renewed with ZeroSSL, which is only zero for 90 days.

For future reference, where should I have started? Godaddy is one of those host providers that offers no support for CertBot. I have access to cPanel, PHPmyAdmin, Wordpress admin … but it’s their server, not mine.


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@griffin, I think this one might be right up your alley. :slight_smile:


As a cPanel hosting user, your options are extremely limited (cause it's not your server).
The easiest (but tedious way) is to manually install certificate every 60 days.
The other way are:
Using with cPanel API to automate the installation (no root access required, SSH access required)
Using @griffin's cPanel app to install a certificate.

For install, i previously shared a Medium post to the process yesterday, and I'll relink it here: How To Setup FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL on Namecheap Using ACME.SH in cPanel | by Jonathan I. Obise | Medium
Although it's saying Namecheap, you can use it on any cPanel hosting servers as long as it have SSH access and enabled cPanel API.


Thanks @petercooperjr and @stevenzhu :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, I developed my ACME client (CertSage) specifically to make the lives of GoDaddy shared hosting users as easy as possible. I will be making an update soon (in the next couple days) to finish up some last details to make it even easier then release it to the public. If you want to try the current version, just let me know. For most cases it takes about 5 minutes from the time of downloading the client to have a working certificate installed and https enabled.

CertSage runs out of a webpage right on your GoDaddy hosting account, which means you never even need to look at a command line.


Would love to try. I have one non-profit that I patched for 90 days with ZeroSSL … zero for only 90 days. Have several personal domains with self certified certs. Godaddy is not much help. Looking forward to what you have developed.

Richard Stephens

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I'll send you a message later today to get you started.


I have the same problem: need to renew a certificate for a non-profit on GoDaddy. Would love to try CertSage asap. Thanks!

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I'll send you a message too. :slightly_smiling_face:


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