Renewal of certificate

I'm sorry to put such a simple question but I have a certificate for and have received a mail telling me I need to renew it - but I don't know what to do. How do you renew ?

Without any further information (like the answers to the questions you were given when you started this topic), it's not possible to give any more detailed guidance than, "whatever you did to get the certificate in the first place, do it again."


The reason it's not such a "simple question" is that usually there is software on the web server which is managing renewing and installing certificates automatically as needed. So in order to answer your question, people here would need a lot more details on the web server you're running and what software you're running to get the certificate in order to help understand why that software isn't doing what it's supposed to.


Though looking at your certificate history, it looks like you got a certificate on July 6 for and, and then later got another certificate that added the www. versions of those too. And the certificate with the www successfully renewed on Sept. 4. So I'm guessing that the renewal email you got was for the older certificate that didn't have the www. names, that you probably don't actually need. See the "When you get an expiration email" in the documentation (that the email should have linked to) and this topic by a community member that tries to explain what the email does and doesn't tell you.


simple answer:
reread the email [as many times as needed - it explains everything you need to know]


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