Renew ssl certificate for non developer

The SSL certificate was initially set up by a freelance dev. It is now expired and I need to renew it ASAP as our app is no longer available to our customers…

My domain is:

I ran this command: I am not a developper…

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: AWS
Can you help me?

Do you have access to your aws account and can you connect to the machine via SSH (Secure SHell)?

Thanks for getting back so quickly.
I do have access to my AWS account.
As for an SSH connexion, I have another dev who can access it if you can give me the steps to follow.

Oh my…

A good: every https has a Strict Transport Security Header
A good: HSTS max-age is long enough, 63072000 seconds = 730 days
A good: HSTS has includeSubdomains - directive
A good: HSTS has preload directive

Log in via ssh and find out what is installed on the machine. It might be docker, it might be an acme client (certbot,, or others…)


I know we use docker.

You need to discover which software is taking care of your certificates. I cannot give more specific instructions without knowing what you run.

Try running ss -tulpn and paste the result (use ``` before and after) – it will tell you which processes are listening on your machine.

OK. We’ll do that.
Once we have that info, how can we renew?

Once you have that info you keep digging.

You see which of the listening services uses certificates, and that could tell you what software was used to make them.

OK. Thanks.
We’ll get back if needed.

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