Recommend a Win10 based script/option for LetsEncrypt

I will be using a Win10 DevSide Wamp setup and would definitely like to use Let’sEncrypt for the SSL cert process. I have used my own self signed certs in the past, but that was the past and now browses upset people w/ all the warnings of a self signed cert, which is understandable . Is there a particular Win script/option that seems to be a bit better than the rest? I am OK w/ command line, I would just rather not try them all. Also, an option w/ some guidance would be nice, possibly even a terse walk through would be great, rather not fly blind - time thing.



You can choose from any of the clients in the link below:

if you want to take advantage of windcard ssl, you’ll need to choose from ACME V2 clients and also need DNS Validation for the domain.

Good luck

Steven Zhu

Appreciate the reply. I had seen this list before, was just wondering if people had tried all of the options and some of them moved up the list, or since that list is not alphabetical, does one assume that the top of the list is the better option?


I think this is the sequence of clients added.
People submit pull request to the website and admins approve it.

That's definitely not true.
Each Client's better or worse depends on the user, not LE admins. (as it should be just following sequence of time added to the list)

Thanks, appreciate the info

Overall I have the impression from this forum that win-acme is currently the most popular Windows client

but it’s true that different groups of users have different preferences around this. As @stevenzhu mentioned, this client doesn’t yet support ACMEv2 and so it can’t obtain wildcard certificates.

We could try to get some server-side popularity statistics too, although I’m not sure what the long-term picture is for developing resources to help people choose between clients.

@schoen, appreciate the info. I have found a couple walkthroughs using the suggested method. I will be okay without wildcard certificates. May take a bit more setup initially, but it will just reinforce how to do it, then when it supports ACMEv2, I can switch to that if necessary.

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