Python errors running Certbot

Hello. We have an LE cert that works well for, and want to now make it work for

When I try to run the following command:

certbot certonly --cert-name --renew-by-default -a webroot -n --expand --webroot-path=/home/bsc -d

I see the following error:

An unexpected error occurred: VersionConflict: (python-dateutil 1.5 (/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages), Requirement.parse('python-dateutil>=2.1,<3.0.0')) Please see the logfile '/tmp/tmpxN84wO' for more details.

What’s the issue with this? We’re on CentOS 7. I think this is related to Python? How should I solve it? Thanks for any pointers.

Actually we managed to solve this problem with the following command on the server. Hope this helps someone in the future:

pip install --upgrade setuptools


Be careful with the --expand option, it may not give the desired results with the given input.

Even thou says:
--expand tells Certbot to update an existing certificate with a new certificate that contains all of the old domains and one or more additional new domains
It also says:
With the --expand option, use the -d option to specify all existing domains and one or more new domains.

As I read that, if you leave any names out, the new cert may not include them.


That's right. Thanks for pointing this out here.

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