Public Beta: December 3, 2015


Did you really spend that much time filling out that form? It’s been always clear that it’s a closed beta and probably not everyone getting approved until the end.


Now I understand, thanks for clarifying. What day did you sign up, and for what domains? If it’s been a while, I can check and see why you haven’t received an invite yet.


Thanks for the followup.

Out of curiosity I searched all my mail folders and found this in the in the Junk. SNAFU on my end.


Agreed. Closed beta should stop taking requests beyond a specific number.


Interesting, you marked it as spam instead of an automatic spam detection.


Josh, can you please announce when you expect to enter Public Release, which would lift the 5 certificates per week limit? Or at least could you give us an estimate?


I suspect you may be making an assumption that when it moves from beta the 5 certs / domain / 7 days rate will be removed. I think there will always probably be rate limits ( although those rates will change of course over time, as they have over the past months)


@josh Any response to @com2 's post?


We have not made a decision about leaving beta yet, but we’re working on it.

Rate limit adjustments will be ongoing, not necessarily tied to beta status. We may adjust the 5 certs/domain/week limit at some point before or after the beta period ends, but the two are not necessarily tied together.


Maybe related to the cert per San fqdn der issue?
So less dupplicates. Also by the way er should tske more care about wording FQDN vs DOMAIN


The spam detector marks it as spam. That’s the default message.