Problems with SSL on IIS 7.5

So i have tried to install a certificate on this windows box with IIS 7.5.
I get the certificate just fine using Win-acme-simple, but i cant for the love of me get a hit on https.

Here is the setup. is a domain already running with ssl is hosted on a different server, and is what i am trying to encryp.

For troubleshooting is have tried to create a self served certificate in IIS, and when i bind that to https :443 i get a “This site is not secure” on the sever with localhost, but i get a " This site can’t be reached" from outside.

I also get a " This site can’t be reached" with the letsencrypt certificate.

I hope that all makes sense. If any one need more information from me feel free to ask me.

Hi @MathiasThur

please share your domain names.

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