Problem with TLS 1.2

Hi all!
There’re my problems and i’ll very happy if someone can suggest to me.
Our system used TLS 1.x before and working good with let’s encrypt ssl, but since we’ve update to TLS 1.2, our system occurred error (, i’ve already tested with some ssl services, and just only let’sencrypt 've problem, please help me what’s the problem?

TLS 1.2 is only available in Java 8 or later and late versions of Java 7. If your site is only negotiating TLS 1.2, then your only choice is to upgrade your Java runtime.

What exact version of Java (and its patch level) are you using?

This is difficult to understand.

If you said the certificate type changed (from RSA to ECC) or the bit strength size changed (from 2048 to 4096) or the cert size changed (from ~3K bytes to >8K bytes) and now my device can't handle it; well then I could understand that.

How does one certificate fail where another similar certificate works (given that nothing else has changed).
I have never seen this happen and I don't think it is even possible.

Please show your test results.

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