Old android phone no longer loads sites with let encrypt ssls

Despite the news that they have prevented this issue for 3 years, I have an old android phone where seemingly half the web doesnt work. The phone is running android 4.1. I am able to install new certs on the phone. My question is which are the proper certs to install to get this phone working properly on the web again? Thank you.

I'm failing to see how this is relevant with respect to Let's Encrypt. As far as I know, currently Let's Encrypt still provides a certificate chain chained to the DST Root CA X3 root from IdenTrust, which is available since Android 2.3.6.

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Yeah, I'm not sure what the issue is. I have another old android phone 6.0.1 that has no issues at all. The phone in question will load websites with lets encrypt ssl using the firefox browser, so I know it is a cert issue. I would just use firefox and be on my merry way, but this effects apps as well.

What's the error you're getting? If possible, provide a screenshot.

Websites fail to load. A dialog popup labled "Connection Problem" says "Couldn't establish a secure connection."

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That doesn't sound like a certificate trust issue to me. More like a cipher suite or TLS version mismatch problem.

Android 4.1.1 only supports up to TLS 1.0. If sites disable TLS 1.0, which is recommended nowadays, Android 4.1.1 won't be able to connect.


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