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Judging from your description this seems unrelated to Let's Encrypt. Somebody here might still be able to help you, but you might also consider reaching out to any contacts at Zoho about what if anything has changed.

I understand you get certificates for * from Let's Encrypt, but those don't seem related to this problem you're describing.


I agree with my colleague volunteer above: this Community is to provide help specifically with Let's Encrypt certificates and, as Let's Encrypt/ISRG is pretty much the "founder" of the ACME protocol, help with ACME clients too. This means generic SSL/TLS issues not related to Let's Encrypt or ACME clients is pretty much out of the scope of this Community.

As you're trying to set up a TLS client to a server not having a Let's Encrypt certificate and as your own Let's Encrypt certificate is not related to this connection, I'm enclined to close your thread. However, if I'm missing something here why this issue actually is Let's Encrypt related, I'm happy to hear that! So I'll leave it open for now so any argument may be provided.

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