Problem with checkout gateway identifying my ssl


Ive contacted my hosting, my template support, stipe (payment gateway) and no fix.

ssl appears on but I get the error message:

“Subscriptio Stripe payment gateway requires full SSL support and enforcement during Checkout. Only test mode will work until this is solved.”

I havent contacted Subscriptio yet (which is the plugin that uses stripe and paypal subscription payments) but i thought I’d try here first.

Any help is much appreciated


Thanks fam.


There’s no problems with your certificate installation or server TLS configuration. You do however have two other problems.

The first is that the checkout page is available over both plain HTTP and HTTPS. You’ll need to ensure that this doesn’t happen by setting a redirect, you could also enable the HSTS header as well.

The second is that your pages have mixed content as the images are always loaded over HTTP. You’ll need to change all your image links to HTTPS or relative ones, this can be checked with this site.


Hey thanks very much cool110

I should be able to figure out how to change the image urls (althought thats giving me some trouble inside of the wordpress admin)

But I’m not sure on setting the redirect, is there details written somewhere on that? There is a plugin that says it will do it for me but if it doesnt work it asks me to access the root file and stuff like that which i dont want to have to deal with.

Thanks agains.


https on checkout is now working. I just cant esily change the url of the problem images now.


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