Problem limiting let's encrypt


Good morning;
I have created a subdomain and I would like to equip it with an SSL certificate the’t encrypt here is the error while the site has never generated a ssl certificate

Error: Cannot issue SSL/TLS Let’s Encrypt certificate for The limit “Certificates per Registered Domain” has been exceeded for Let’s Encrypt allows a maximum of 20 certificates per registered domain per week.



In this case, you can’t get a new certificate until the next cycle. (Starting from July 4th)

P.S. we can’t bypass this rate limit or reset it temporarily … since its controlled by server itself…

Thank you


Thanks for this information but most of these areas no longer excite I’m not sure I understand


Hi @WebFireFR

are you the owner of There are a lot of subdomains with certificates.

The list looks terrible. Searching Google:;include_subdomains:true;

Looks that you create much more certificates as needed.


65 active certificates? Normally you should have one ore two active certificates per subdomain.


Yes I am the owner of
I understand what you’re telling me but how let’s encrypt can generate certificates when the domain concerned no longer excises these for its I don’t understand


This is your server, not Letsencrypt. There are cron jobs or other jobs which create new certificate orders.


The question is, why are you creating certificates for domains that don’t exist any more?


Once you have created a certificate, most ACME clients will continue to renew it automatically until you delete the certificate, take the host offline, or change the DNS.

If you’re using certbot, you can view the certificates you have by running certbot certificates (or /path/to/certbot-auto certificates if you are using certbot-auto), and you can delete any certificates you no longer need with certbot delete.


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